Pain is a very unpleasant symptom of a health problem that our body struggles with.
Conventional medicine treats pain like a separate disease and deals with it by using synthetic substances. Unfortunately, even pain medicine available without a prescription have toxic side effects which can be life-threatening.
High quality natural preparations (obtained from plants) used correctly have many beneficial side effects.
Inflammation is almost always the cause of pain due to inflammatory edema and pressure on the sensory nerves.
Tissue injuries, neoplastic processes and various types of infections always cause inflammatory reaction of the body. Therefore, the use of anti-inflammatory preparations may be an effective pain treatment.

Mainstream medicine uses synthetic opiates because of their uplifting effect and in order to elevate the threshold of pain.
Synthetic drugs unfortunately have many side effects which could be even life threatening.
DLPA (DL-phenylalanine) available on this website (Curamin) is a natural remedy which is a source of different forms of essential aminoacid phenylalanine needed in our brain to create natural chemicals responsible for good mood.

Formula for pain containing highly bio-available turmeric extract, Boswellia extract, enzyme nattokinaze and DLPA.

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Product containing highly bio-available turmeric extract.

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