ischemic heart disease - herbs and supplements (guide)

Coronary heart disease is the result of insufficient supply of oxygen to myocardial cells in relation to their needs. It is mostly caused by coronary arteriosclerosis and the progressive closing of the lumen of these blood vessels.

I placed the modified citrus pectin in the first place among supplements helpful in ischemic heart disease, because in scientific research they proved to be effective in slowing down the process of atherosclerosis of blood vessels.

Coenzyme Q10 is a dietary supplement that reduces the need of myocardial cells for oxygen because it helps in obtaining more energy from foods. It improves the energy efficiency of all body cells, favorably affecting the work of mitochondria, which regulate metabolism and energy production by the cells.
Coenzyme Q10 may also help to control blood pressure.
Scientific research shows that only a reduced form of coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol) is effective in people with advanced congestive heart failure. Probably this form of coenzyme Q10 is more effective in all other cases.

Arginine is a natural precursor of nitric oxide in our body - a substance very important for the proper functioning of arteries.
In 1998, the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine was awarded "for discoveries regarding nitric oxide as a signal-transmitting molecule in the cardiovascular system".
Without adequate amount of nitric oxide, it is not possible to properly supply blood to the tissues, because small arteries can not expand without this substance.
Arginine also reduces the clumping of platelets, which has anti-infarction properties.
The source of infarction is often the accumulation and clumping of platelets at the site of ruptured atherosclerotic plaque, which may eventually close the blood supply to the myocardium (infarction).

Hawthorn extracts are helpful in ischemic heart disease by acting to improve the flow in arterial vessels supplying blood to the heart and cardiac muscle (coronary vessels).
Particularly rich in ingredients essential for this action (bioflavonoids, including flavon glycosides) are more "modern" supplements obtained from hawthorn leaves and flowers (not only from the reddish-colored small berries characteristic of the hawthorn bush).

Astragalus extract is a supplement that positively influences coronary heart disease by increasing the strength of myocardial contraction and improving the flow in the coronary arteries suppling blood to the heart . This herb is also considered to have an anticoagulant (blood thinning) effect.

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