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Modified citrus pectins are used for natural and safe for kidneys (in contrast to EDTA) blood chelation, which has been effective in controlling atherosclerosis of blood vessels. Their antiatherosclerotic action also involves the neutralization of lectins, which are a source of arterial damage resulting from nutrition incompatible with the profile of our body.

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Cardio For Life is a source of 5 grams of Arginine for its one dose.
It also contains twenty other natural substances helpful in its optimal action (cofactors) on the heart and circulatory system. The anti-atherosclerotic action of Arginine is its action by relaxing (relaxing) blood vessels and inhibiting the activation (clumping) of platelets and the proliferation of smooth muscle cells.

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Systemic digestive enzymes are natural blood thinners and they may improve arterial and venous circulation.